Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NEW: context-based search + rich user interfaces, changing our life for good

Sinequa just became Silver Adobe partner. I had today the first demo of a prototype we developed together. It is amazingly sexy. Of course, theoretically all this can be done with the other existing rich interfaces technologies, but this one really rocks (by the way, it's the one the large bank I mentioned last mont in my post has chosen)

The power of a real-time context based multidimensional search tool like Sinequa's combined with the rich and collaborative functionalities offered by a rich client interface like Adobe's is very impressive.

Intelligent and dynamic display, a lot is possible and a lot can happen, but showing just what is necessary; No compromision on speed and volume. But also built in capacity to include collaboration around the search interface, thus providing real social search. You have to see it to believe it. Complete multi-channel management, including intuitive integration of smart phone and tablet specificities.

Illustration? your search, some results, cool ways to refine that appear from everywhere only when you need them. Then you want to share the context of your screen to work with another person or get advised on the fly (think of customer care situations). 17inch screen or smartphone, it works.

This is really the beginning of an industrial disruption. We are about to see a tremendous transformation in the way companies will serve their customers and market themselves. A change in the way they will help their employees work efficiently, with appropriate context and always in real time. I can't wait to be in the VIP section of the working/commercial world : work in a company and only interact with companies and administrations that use efficiently those smart technologies. No more clicking, scrolling, navigating,... simply the pleasant experience of a smooth and obvious transition from my personal context to the answers to my questions. For real, this is going to change our life in very good.

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