Tuesday, October 12, 2010

360 degree view of the customer : from philosophical considerations to next generation CRM

The importance of search-based applications and solutions in today’s competitive market

If only they remembered who are their customers, instead of asking over and over the same questions. The customer experience would be much better. If you like philosophy, I invite you to check out Kierkergaard Repetition. If you cannot have the past at hand, today's experience is less valuable...

More seriously, the volatile economy means that an immediate, 360 degree view of the customer has never been more important. Like discussed in my post Moving from Search to Business Search, for such complete visibility, an enterprise search engine is nice to have, but what really matters are search-based applications that support information-intensive, customer service processes.

Sinequa navigates and synthesizes all customer information from structured applications, unstructured information and people data, regardless of source or volume. In a single interface, users have access to every customer detail and interaction — and the visibility they need to provide better services, upsell appropriately and ultimately ensure customer retent

At Credit Agricole, the largest Retail bank in France, second largest in Europe and eighth largest in the world, tens of thousands of employees will use a Sinequa search-based application for complete, instantaneous access to all critical customer information among: 8 billion customers transaction records per year; over 2.6 billion contracts and documents in its ECM systems, SharePoint and other sources; and 600 million emails per year.

Through Sinequa's all-in-one solution, the bank is able to fulfill its promise “to offer customers the right product at the right time, in accordance with their interests,” while also realizing complete ROI in a month, saving employees at least 20 minutes a day, and consolidating five data centers into a single, green data center.

I think this is great. I think this is the future...

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