Monday, June 28, 2010

A large bank will better serve customers using Sinequa Search Application Platform

Sinequa achieving 12,8 Millions US dollars of revenues for fiscal 2009 is a rather good performance considering 2008 economic downturn impact.

We are becoming mission critical inside strategic projects for large organizations. As a matter of fact, one of the top ten banks in the world has retained Sinequa for its application platform to build its new front office desktop for customer facing employees. For millions of customers of this bank as well, we will be at the heart of the direct access to their own data and information. Our search platform is integrated here with other technologies (database, rich client, SOA,...) from leading vendors such as IBM, Adobe, Software AG.

This project should be an example for many. Once more, a web interface powered by an agile, fast and scalable information unification technology such as the Sinequa search platform is the only answer to the issues companies have to face. The only solution to cope with exploding volumes of data and the need for an immediate access to information combined with a unified vision: wether it be for customers, employees, or to meet internal processes requirements. In the perspective of an extended enterprise, with well informed customers in demand of instantaneous interactions, this technological and applicative challenge must be taken very seriously.

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