Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year to Competition too

Happy New Year 2010. All my wishes for happiness and success.
2009 ended well for Sinequa with the signing of new contracts and the release of Sinequa Enterprise Search V7. Many videos of customers, partners and Sinequa management can be seen at the following link - thank you to TiViPRO for producing these videos (in French).,video,77.html

For those who will attend, Sinequa will be in Orlando next week for the annual Lotusphere event. We'll be accompanied by our partner and customer Sogeti. Let us know if you would like to meet our team there.

Last year Sinequa was the only vendor to enter the Magic Quadrant, and we also entered the vendor analysis of IDC. Among other things, CMS Watch highlighted the quality of our technology:

Our presence is steadily increasing in the area of Homeland Security, by the size of the contracts we sign and the depth of functionality that we provide:

Last year we advanced with courage (including the employees of our company, but also some customers and partners) through a difficult crisis. At Sinequa we have achieved many successes, growth and profitability in 2009. I hope this year will be one of the revelations with the maturation of Search Based Applications and with more mature "main stream" offers: Microsoft, Google and Open Source.

We will speak less about vision, product roadmap, feelings about what's happening, and instead we will increasingly experience the reality of changing organizations, next generation workstations, and companies being redesigned around the Search Bus. We no longer speak of enterprise search engines handling one question per employee per week, but up to 10 or more questions per hour per employee.

There are great opportunities ahead for all and especially for those who have persevered in this demanding but exciting industry of enterprise search. I also wish a happy new year to Sinequa's competitors.
With a product like ours, if they do well, we can only do great.

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