Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adieu Monsieur Seguin

It was January 8th, 2001, that was 9 years ago. President of Silicon Sentier at the time, I met with the main candidates in the Parisian municipal election in a theater in Paris for a debate/interview around the theme "what will you do to develop broadband in Paris."

The meeting on January 8th marked me. All the candidates for the City of Paris did the exercise. His human and political stature was obvious. During the discussion with a few dozen people on a subject that did not overly excite him, he feverishly chained smoked a few cigarettes (a time when you could still smoke in certain public places). I remember his modesty and courtesy.

He exuded a lot of humanity in addition to being a man of great status ansd intelligence. These things you can feel and they make an impression on you. He was a man of great strength.

Adieu Monsieur Seguin, with all my admiration.

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