Saturday, May 29, 2010

Made In Presse joins the Appstore

Made In Presse is a French online service that allows you to find any (French) magazine. The magazines are digitalized, one can search and refine by title or topic, or the other way around.

Then, Made In Presse allows you to preview and to buy the magazine in order to go and pick it up in a store nearby, or to browse it on or offline. The reading device ergonomy is terrific, it feels like your were turning real pages.

I'm happy that after having reviewed the market, Made In Press chose the most intuitive and obvious search solution : Sinequa. By the way, Made In Press is an example among others of a Search Based Application.

With the release of the App "Made In Presse", it is going to be easier than ever to browse and buy French magazines on Iphone and Ipad, still using Sinequa semantic search.

Congratulations to the Made In Presse team, they're great !

URL APPS: AppMadeInPresse

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